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The thousands of feet of wiring that run throughout your home function sort of like your pipes do for your plumbing system. Whereas your pipes transport water to and from where you use it, your electrical wiring carries current and energy to the various plugs found throughout your home. This is why a dependable and well-built wiring network is an extremely important part of your home, and why you need to have your wiring serviced by a Southeastern Wisconsin wiring services professional when you need your wiring repaired, adjusted, modified, or new wiring installed. At Mr. Holland’s Home Services, our electricians understand wiring, and we make sure every new connection is secure, every wire in your home is in good condition, and that your home remains safe to use at all times.

Mr. Holland’s Home Services has made it our mission to serve our customers right since we first opened our doors. We don’t like to say we’re better than everyone—we believe in taking a humble and customer-first approach to every electrical job we take because we believe actions speak far louder than words. When it comes to wiring services, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards because we want to earn your satisfaction and open a relationship based on trust. Every member of our team is carefully selected for their ability to provide outstanding service, and each is professionally trained in the latest wiring repairs, techniques, and technology in order to offer you a repair that’s dependable, reliable, and affordable for your budget. Our goal is to make sure you never have to stress or worry about a wiring problem or the repair you receive—we’ll know they’ll be taken care of when you trust your home to us.

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Plumbing lines and wiring lines may have similar roles, but they do so in very different ways. Plumbing lines carry water that slowly corrodes away at nearly any material. Electrical lines don’t have to worry about this to nearly the same degree—electrons are the only thing moving through them in order to provide you with electricity. But that doesn’t mean wiring isn’t prone to its own problems over time. Exposed wiring will eventually corrode and wear out due to exposure to oxygen, and likewise, older wire carries resistance that can cause overheating and even spark fires.

Our Southeastern Wisconsin wiring services professionals can help with any type of project, including:

  • Frayed wiring
  • Intermittent or faulty connections
  • Inexplicably warm or hot wiring
  • New wiring circuits
  • Switch & outlet wiring
  • Light fixture wiring
  • Outdoor feature wiring


There are plenty of reasons why you’ll need to add new wiring to your home. Adding a ceiling fan to your bedroom or living space? You’ll need to run power connections so it will work properly. Adding new light fixtures to your home to make it more beautiful? You’ll need new wiring to power them. Constructing an addition to your home? Powering it is going to involve a significant amount of new wiring and switches.

Mr. Holland’s Home Services offers solutions for all your new wiring projects. From adding an outlet where you need it to new room construction and wiring circuits, we make sure that everything meets or exceeds our high standards of quality as well as complies with all relevant building codes and safety standards.

Got a wiring project you need help with in Southeastern Wisconsin? Choose Mr. Holland’s Home Services/a> to get it done right! Contact us today to get started with your project.

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