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Electricity is a powerful and extremely useful force, but only if it can be utilized where it is needed. This is what our switches and electrical outlets are responsible for: giving us a safe and secure way of tapping into our electrical system as well as an easy and convenient way to control those outlets. Switches and outlets are both extremely simple devices, and yet even small problems with them could have a pretty significant impact on your life. A faulty switch could prevent you from turning on the lights or activating a device, while a faulty outlet could lead to everything from a device not working to sparking, arcing, or even a fire.

At Mr. Holland’s Home Services, outlets and switches are what our electricians know best. We understand how important these basic components of your electrical system are, and we’re prepared to handle anything you need with them. Need an old, faulty outlet replaced? We’ll take care of the job quickly, decisively, and effectively. Have a switch that isn’t working properly? Our team can replace it with a brand new one that works perfectly. We even offer new switch and outlet wiring and installation so you can have power and control it exactly where and how you need to. We can also install and configure specialized equipment including dimmer switches, charging outlets, and customized lighting controls so you can have total command over the lighting and other devices that make your home the wonderful place it truly is.

Need an electrical switch our outlet repaired? Get the service you need from the Southeastern Wisconsin switch and outlet pros at Mr. Holland’s Home Services! Dial (866) 992-1717 today to request a quote.


Outlets are one of those things that you use repeatedly and likely never notice any signs of deterioration or change. These small, simple, and routine pieces of our electrical system usually have no moving parts, and that makes them generally dependable for years, even decades. However, as with just about every other component in any major system in your home, they will wear out over time until they need to be repaired or replaced.

You may need to replace an outlet if any of the following are true:

  • Your outlet is old, discolored, or showing signs of wear
  • Your outlet makes a high-pitched humming or whining noise when something is plugged in
  • Your outlet sparks when something is plugged in
  • Plugs don’t stay in your outlet (they fall out easily or with little to no force)
  • Your plug is warm to the touch

While some of these are minor indications of wear, other issues are more serious and could indicate a potentially dangerous issue, including possibly starting a dangerous electrical fire.


Switches are responsible for reliably connecting and disconnecting power to an outlet. Most of the time this allows you to easily turn light fixtures on and off, but in other cases they allow you to have a particular device on a switch control. Switches are particularly useful for things like ceiling fans, floor lamps, light or art fixtures, and so much more. Much like outlets, switches can wear out over time, requiring repairs or replacements in order to keep your home and your electrical system safe.

You may need a new switch installed if any of the following are true:

  • Your switch makes a high-pitched whining noise when turned on
  • Your switch feels warm to the touch
  • You hear a sparking sound coming from your switch when you flip it on
  • Your switch is becoming stiff or difficult to flip


Looking to customize your electrical system by adding a new outlet where you need it? Looking to install a new ceiling fan that can be controlled with a switch on the wall? Mr. Holland’s Home Services makes the process easy. We offer dependable electrical installation services for switches, outlets, and more. We make sure everything is wired properly and that your new installation is safe, looks great, and is dependable to use for years to come.

Get help with your outlet and switch issues by contacting Mr. Holland’s Home Services today. Our service area spans Southeastern Wisconsin!

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