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Electrical Wiring Repairs in Southeastern Wisconsin


Every electrical system is going to face its fair share of problems over time. Electrical equipment doesn’t feature a lot in the way of moving parts, but that doesn’t mean the force and volume of energy that’s transferred over your lines and through the various pieces doesn’t have an impact on their durability or dependability. With so many different components and features that make safe and convenient modern electricity possible, it stands to reason that eventually you will need something repaired. Whether that something is as simple as an outlet or switch or as complex and dynamic as your entire electrical panel, Mr. Holland’s Heating & Air is the name customers know they can turn to for a repair that solves the problem the first time.

Mr. Holland’s Heating & Air believes finding dependable electrical services shouldn’t be a frustrating experience. When you need a repair, you shouldn’t have to stress about finding the right company to take care of the job. When you trust us, we prefer to let our service do the talking—we make sure every repair we conduct lives up to our tremendously high standards of quality because we believe that’s what you expect. We want to exceed your expectations, and we do so with friendly service from hand-picked technicians who have the latest tools and professional training to make them even better at what they do. We want to be the last electric company you ever have to find—when we do our job right, you won’t ever want to go to anyone else. That’s the Mr. Holland’s difference, and that’s what we’re eager to offer everyone who trusts their home to us.

Call us at (866) 992-1717 today if you have an electrical problem and we’ll be there to provide you with the repairs you need. Customers throughout Southeastern Wisconsin choose Mr. Holland’s Heating & Air!


As with any other system in your home, things can break in your electrical system. However, unlike other systems, when your electrical system has something go wrong, you could find yourself in a serious situation. Mishandled electricity can cause fires, injuries, and even damage other electric-powered devices in your home, and that means you need a fast and dependable solution.

Over time, electrical equipment will slowly decay and wear out, requiring replacements, repairs, or reinforcements that keep your connection stable and electricity flowing with ease. Small problems can create resistance in your electrical system, and resistance is what causes heat and sparks fires that could deal immense damage to your home.

We can repair any aspect of your electrical system, including:

  • Faulty circuit breakers
  • Broken light fixtures
  • Intermittent switches
  • Worn or broken outlets
  • Worn or broken ground fault interrupters
  • Broken or worn-out panels


Many homeowners try to save money and time by repairing seemingly simple problems by themselves. For those who have experience, tools, and knowledge about what they’re doing, this is a great idea. However, few people have the tools, training, and experience to handle an electrical problem properly. While you may think you’ve found the problem, the truth is you may have overlooked a symptom or missed out on a factor that could actually be causing the issue you’re dealing with. You could fail to fix the problem the first time and find yourself repairing it again before long.

In worst-case scenarios, those who don’t have experience working with electrical systems could injure themselves trying to fix an issue. Electricity can be dangerous when mishandled, and those who are not trained are more likely to make a mistake that could result in an injury or even an electrical fire. This is why we always advise trusting a professional to take care of your electrical repair needs.

Contact Mr. Holland’s Heating & Air and let us take care of your electrical repair needs today.

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