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Heating, Cooling & Electrical Services in Brookfield, WI

When you’re dealing with a broken AC, faulty heater, or electrical wiring issues, Mr. Holland’s Heating, Air & Electric is the company to call. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction at our locally owned establishment, and our 40+ years of experience ensures you’ll receive exceptional service every time.

Whether you need AC repairs, heater maintenance, or electrical installation services, Mr. Holland’s has you covered.

Need HVAC or electrical services in Brookfield? Contact Mr. Holland’s Heating, Air & Electric online.

Air Conditioning Services in Brookfield

There’s nothing like coming home to cool, refreshing comfort after a hot summer day. But who do you call when your AC won’t turn on, isn’t blowing cold air, or leaks? You can trust our team to get the job done.

At Mr. Holland’s, we handle everything from refrigerant leaks and busted blower fans to frozen coils and moldy filters with services including:

AC giving you trouble? Schedule an air conditioning service in Brookfield by contacting Mr. Holland’s online.

Heating Services For Brookfield Homes

In 29-degree weather, you’ll want the icicles forming outside rather than in your home. Even if your home has adequate insulation, not having access to reliable heating can quickly become a health concern and freeze piping.

If you have no heat, inadequate heating, or hear popping, hissing, or rattling noises when using your heater, schedule a heating service with one of our experts:

Stay warm, cozy, and comfortable all winter with a heating service in the Brookfield area.

Contact Mr. Holland’s to schedule an appointment.

Brookfield Indoor Air Quality Services

Whether you work from home, enjoy spending most of your time indoors, or want a better night’s sleep, having good indoor air quality is crucial. Between airborne allergens, dust, and other harmful particles, your home can become up to five times more polluted than the air outside.

That’s why it’s important to set up air cleaning solutions to keep you and your loved ones breathing healthy and happy with services like:

If you’re concerned about the air quality in your Brookfield home, contact us to schedule an indoor air quality service today.

Electrical Services in Brookfield

It’s important to schedule an electrical service if you notice flickering lights, frequent surges, or occasional outages. These issues can be due to faulty or old wiring, which can leave you in the dark during a heavy storm.

With Mr. Holland’s Heating, Air & Electric, we’ll work to make sure you’re always prepared. We offer:

Be ready in an emergency with reliable access to electricity all year.

Contact us online to schedule an electrical service in Brookfield.

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We’ve served the Brookfield area since 1997. What started as a one-person operation has become one of Wisconsin’s most trusted home service companies. Providing reliable heating, air conditioning, and electrical services to Brookfield’s wonderful community, our team is committed to bringing quality and personalized, expert service to your home.

For HVAC and electrical services you can trust, contact Mr. Holland’s online today.

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