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Plumbing Services in Germantown, WI

Mr. Holland’s Home Services has provided Germantown, WI, homeowners with quality plumbing services for over 25 years. Our highly trained and respectful plumbing team is equipped to expertly handle all your residential plumbing needs, including:

We’ve designed our five-star plumbing services to keep your Germantown, WI, home’s plumbing system operating efficiently all year. Have a plumbing problem that can’t wait? We also provide 24/7 emergency services.

Do you need professional plumbing services for your Germantown, WI, home? 

Contact Mr. Holland’s Home Services at (866) 992-1717 to schedule friendly and reliable service.

Plumbing Repair in Germantown, WI

Even the best plumbing systems encounter the occasional problem. Mr. Holland’s Home Services is known throughout the greater Germantown area for prompt and clean plumbing repairs

From toilet repairs to replacing leaky pipes, our skilled plumbers have the tools and expertise to get your pipes flowing again. You can always depend on our team to professionally manage every type of plumbing repair job, leaving your home looking as spotless as we found it.

Plumbing Installations in Germantown, WI

Whether you’re investing in a kitchen or bathroom remodel or want to replace your outdated plumbing system, professional installation is key to safety and proper performance. Mr. Holland’s Home Services offers expert plumbing installations, including pipes, faucets, drains, and water heaters. No job is too big or small for our talented team.

Drain Excavation in Germantown, WI

Are your water bills suddenly rising? Are the drains in your Germantown home unexpectedly backing up? If the answer is yes, there’s a good chance your main water or sewage line might need to be excavated. We understand that no one likes the idea of digging up their property, but it could be the only way to solve the problem.

Factors determining whether you need drain excavation services include:

  • The piping material
  • The seriousness of the blockage
  • Environmental circumstances that don’t permit no-dig methods.

Our plumbing team has the expertise to visually inspect the drain, diagnose the issue, and recommend and perform any necessary services.

Water Heater Installations in Germantown, WI

Clean, hot water is a comfort every homeowner deserves. When it’s time to replace your water heater, Mr. Holland’s installation services ensure you get the most up-to-date options for energy efficiency, equipment life span, and water conservation. Our plumbing team is certified and trained to assess your home’s needs and recommend a new water heater that’s right for you.

Mr. Holland’s Home Services provides quality plumbing repair, installation, and drain excavation services for homeowners throughout the greater Germantown, WI, area.

Contact us online or call (866) 992-1717 to schedule friendly and dependable services. 

Why Choose Mr. Holland’s Home Services?

As a family-owned company, we’re dedicated to providing homeowners in Germantown, WI, with exceptional plumbing services. When you choose us for your plumbing repair, installation, and excavation needs, you’re guaranteed a positive experience delivered by a respectful team trained in the latest tools, techniques, and technologies.

We’re proud of our over 20,000 five-star reviews from satisfied customers. When you’re looking for plumbing services you can count on performed by extensively trained, professional plumbers, you’ll find them at Mr. Holland’s Home Services. 

Contact us online or call (866) 992-1717 to schedule friendly and dependable services — we look forward to having you join the Mr. Holland’s family.

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Pooling water around your equipment

Continuously increasing energy bills

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Great job by the whole team. From quote to installation and the follow-ups in between. We are very pleased.

Kevin M.

Great crew. Very nice guys. Very knowledgeable at their jobs. Would recommend them to anyone.

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Respectful, diagnosed the heating problem, efficient doing the needed repair. Used the required PPE. Excellent employee.

Mary R.
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