Why Should I Get a Whole-Home Surge Protector?

A typical surge protector is a device that provides multiple plugs for all kinds of standard electronic devices. These power strips offer extra protection against electrical surges that could damage your electronics.

While these types of surge protectors are a great first line of defense against power surges, a whole-home surge protector can protect every device and appliance from the start.

In this article, we’ll discuss power surges in your home, how to protect your most expensive appliances, and what a whole-home surge protector does to keep your electrical devices safe.

Why Do Electrical Power Surges Occur?

A power surge occurs when extra electricity pushes through the system. This excess power can be too much for your electronic devices and appliances to handle, as they’re only meant to take in a certain amount of power.

Several factors can cause a power surge, including:

  • Electrical line work performed by the electric company.
  • Lightning striking a nearby pole or the property itself.
  • Major appliances turning on or off on the property.

Power surges happen all the time, and even small ones can add a lot of stress to your electronic devices and appliances over time. Whole-home surge protection can defend against power surges hitting your devices.

Why Are Power Surges a Problem?

When a surge of electricity comes through your electrical system, it can cause a variety of problems. Excess electricity can’t be absorbed by your devices, so they stress out the internal parts instead. A sudden drop in power due to another appliance taking up electricity can make a device fail.

Extra electricity needs to go somewhere, and an unprotected device could end up emitting sparks and causing a fire.

Power surges can damage appliances, make them shut down, or even start a fire. A whole-home surge protector can regulate these surges.

The Job of a Whole-Home Surge Protector

A whole-home surge protector keeps power surges under control. When one appliance surges, the electricity is passed through the system carefully, ensuring that the other devices don’t receive a blast of energy that can cause damage.

A whole-home surge protector defends against surges from within the property as well as from outside. If a lightning strike hits your property, a massive amount of electricity will enter the system, quickly damaging every device in your home, and even leading to a fire. With a whole-home surge protector, the blast of power would go through the surge protector and spare the electronics throughout the home.

Whole-home surge protectors come in a variety of power levels, depending on the home’s needs. Larger homes with many devices will need a more powerful surge protector, while smaller homes can get by with a smaller system. An installer can discuss your surge protection needs.

Talk to Mr. Holland’s Home Services About Whole-Home Surge Protectors

The team at Mr. Holland’s provides expert installation and service for whole-home surge protectors. Our crew uses brand-name systems rated for a variety of properties and electrical needs. Our team can discuss your needs, schedule installation, and ensure your home’s electronic devices and appliances are as safe as possible from electrical surges.

Protect your devices and your property with whole-home surge protection. Contact us to learn more about these invaluable systems.

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