Why Generators & Surge Protectors Are Becoming Necessary in Today’s Homes

New Generac generator installed behind a Jackson, WI, home.


In Wisconsin, we have our fair share of power outages caused by severe weather, natural disasters, and downed wires. It’s safe to say that generators are becoming a necessity for all homes. With the number of people working from home and the number of appliances and technology in a home, it’s important to keep the power running at all times.

Benefits of Generators

  • Prevent food loss.
  • Seamless transition: When the power goes out, the generator detects the outage.
  • 24/7 protection: The power automatically kicks on even when you’re not home.
  • Monitor your generator via Generac’s Mobile Link™ technology.

Watch this video to learn what happens every hour your power is out.

Surge Protectors

Mother nature is full of surprises, so it’s important to protect your home. Just as important as keeping the power running in your home, we want to ensure your home is ready in case of a disaster. If your home isn’t protected when lighting strikes, your electronics, appliances, and even HVAC system could be significantly damaged.

It’s important to have a whole-house surge protector. A whole-house surge protector blocks excess electrical currents from entering home circuits.

Here are a few examples of when the surge protector will help protect essential electronics, appliances, and more:

  • Lightning strikes
  • Overvoltage (utility lines that are down)
  • Bursts of excess energy
  • Faulty or fried circuit boards

EMP Shield is the whole-home surge protector we offer. The EMP Shield is an electromagnetic pulse, solar flare, and lightning protection system designed to exceed the requirements of MIL-STD-188-125-1 for shunting over-voltage spikes.

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