Not All Duct Cleanings Are Equal

Mr. Holland’s way of duct cleaning is not the typical air duct cleaning method…

We use a complete source removal method coupled with a push and pull cleaning process.

With the push and pull process we are using HIGH pressure air at the exact same time as the HEPA vacuum is running.

This makes the push / pull method the most effective air duct cleaning method.

The vacuum is a hospital grade piece of equipment and our techs hand brush and HEPA vacuum every single return and supply. Then our technician will take the extra time to clean up, patch holes and re- attach all registers.

Additionally, our technician will either provide you with a before/after photo or he will show you the results using a duct inspection camera. The entire process can take up to 4 to 8 hours depending on the size of your home.

One thing that makes our method so effective is that we locate and connect the machine directly to the source, thus resulting in a direct pull on the duct system rather than a large hose running all the way to the outside of the home. The more hose used – the less suction there will be.

I understand that there are cheaper duct cleaning companies offering the “big deal.” We are okay with that. However, we refuse to lower our value and level of detail to clean air ducts like others do. Additionally, all of our employees are properly trained, drug tested and background checked to insure “Home Comfort” throughout the entire process!

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