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Beat The Heat


Last July was the hottest month ever recorded. Weather experts are expecting another scorcher this season. 

Mr. Holland’s Home Services can help you take steps now that can save you from the discomfort of a malfunctioning unit when the temperatures rise. We can also save you money, too!



Signs Your AC Needs Attention

If you notice any of the issues below, you may been in need of service before the arrival of the summer heat. Contact us to set up an estimate appointment.

ready for a replacement?
signs it’s time

Failing to heat or cool your home evenly or at all

Pooling water around your equipment

Continuously increasing energy bills

Too high or too low humidity levels in your home

Needing frequent repairs

Banging, rattling, grinding or squealing noises

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neighbors are saying

Great job by the whole team. From quote to installation and the follow-ups in between. We are very pleased.

Kevin M.

Great crew. Very nice guys. Very knowledgeable at their jobs. Would recommend them to anyone.

Sam G.

Respectful, diagnosed the heating problem, efficient doing the needed repair. Used the required PPE. Excellent employee.

Mary R.
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