The Price of a New Air Conditioner, Boiler, or Furnace

How Much is a New Furnace?

Let’s go shopping together! You decide that it’s time for a new furnace or boiler. You call up a few heating and air companies and get quotes for a particular make and model. Let’s suppose it’s a model XYZ furnace.

You get three bids:

  • Billy Bob’s is at $6400 for the same make, model & Btu’s.
  • Charlie’s HVAC is at $6000 for the same make, model & Btu’s.
  • And, Fritz – well he’s at $3500. Again, the same make, model and Btu’s.

What on earth could make these prices range from $3500 to $6400? After all, it’s the same furnace.

This particular example is not far-fetched nor is it fiction. This happens each and every day in our business. The most difficult challenge that we have at Mr. Holland’s Home Services is conveying value to a customer or homeowner. Often times, homeowners look at a product and assume that it is the same. In this case, yes, the furnaces are all the same.

Let me share some hidden facts that most HVAC companies will not tell you. (Remember, in this case the furnace is exactly the same.)

  • Will the metal be adapted? Or, will there be a brand new plenum and or a return duct installed? Is it 26 gauge or the thinner 28 gauge metal? Let’s assume that there will be a new plenum and a new return drop installed. This will cost around $890. The metal work does not come with model XYZ furnace – this is custom installed at the home.
  • Warranty is exactly the same. Oh, what about guarantees? The warranty does not cover workmanship, nor will it cover anything outside of the furnace. All of the remaining items must be protected and honored by the installing contractor. Floor protection, workmanship & comfort are a few that we back up with our guarantees.
  • Insurance, workers comp and BBB rating; do these matter? Can you price them? Not really, but peace of mind does bring value.
  • Bricks, safety pan and safety switch under the furnace. All new high efficient furnaces expel water. Furnaces are often located in finished basements, attics or areas where a water leak could cause damage to other parts of the home. These safety features do not come with the model XYZ furnace. Price installed: $200 to $300 extra dollars
  • Does the homeowner want a permit? All furnaces, boilers and air conditioners that are installed in Wisconsin require a building permit. An HVAC permit can range from $50 to $100 depending on the municipality that you live in.
  • The filter type. What type of filter is included? A 1”, 4” or an air cleaner? These can range from $20 all the way up to $800. And no, the model XYZ furnace does not come with any of these filters. Again, all of these are extra.
  • The thermostat. Is a new thermostat included? What type, make, model and features will it offer? These can range from $50 to $1000 depending on what you choose.
  • Are they trained? Highly skilled? How do you place a price on this? The only suggestion that I can make is on the quality of the work. Pictures are worth money – action speaks louder than words. After one of our installs – you decide if it’s professional, neat and glamorous.
  • What about the PVC pipe? Copper fittings, black iron fittings, wire and a host of other materials. Schedule 40 PVC or Cell core? One is cheaper. The drain hose? There are cheaper versions of EVERYTHING used on an installation.

You can do the math and add up all of the prices to see why Fritz is the cheapest. At Mr. Holland’s, we flat out refuse to use inferior materials and cut corners. Our goal is to give you a neat, professional, high quality installation backed up with guarantees. It’s our way of putting our money where our mouth is!

The facts are simple. If you are all about price, hire Fritz. However, if you want a fair price coupled with quality – then hire us!

Matter of fact, we offer an Apples to Apples guarantee – “get the same job for less and we will not only match the price but we will pay you $250 for your inconvenience”.

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