Don't waste your MONEY on a duct cleaning…unless it's done properly!

Hi my name is Steve Holland. I’ve been in the HVAC business for 29 years. In that same time, we’ve installed thousands of new HVAC systems and cleaned thousands of duct systems.

At Mr. Holland’s we don’t do duct cleanings, we do duct detailing!

Why are we different?

I don’t believe that duct cleanings will make your life better, or your improve your health. What I do believe is that if it’s done correctly, it can help maintain a cleaner furnace and air conditioning system as well as help remove those nasties in the ducting that can cause health problems. We don’t believe in using scare tactics and the false narratives that all your respiratory ailments will go away with a duct cleaning.

We run over 10,000 service calls per year and we know that a clean duct system is healthier for your HVAC equipment and the air that you breathe.

Why us and what we do differently

  1. We don’t quit the job until your ducts are clean. In most cases we can remove over 90% of the debris that lingers and lurks inside your ducts.
  1. Why not 100%? In some cases, your ducting is not accessible. Finished basements, hidden ducting, tight spaces etc. These all limit our ability to remove 100% of the debris
  1. We not only use HIGH pressure air with whips, wands and scrubbers, but we also brush all the main trunks. This breaks up the debris. Many companies only offer the high-pressure method. We do both.
  1. We take our HEPA Abatement equipment directly to the source. This is the number one recommended way to clean ducts
  1. We use the push and pull method. Imagine trying to pull a large ball through a pipe. If one person is pushing the ball from one side while the other person is pulling from the opposite it, the ball would travel easier. With push and pull, we are pushing the dirt back top the HEPA machine concurrent with pulling it.
  1. Lastly, we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied and that your ducts will be clean or we’ll re-do the job for FREE!

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