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Why Work in the HVAC Industry?

Thanks to the 2020 pandemic, Americans have discovered just how important job security is. If you are interested in a rewarding, stable career, the HVAC industry is the place to be. At Mr. Holland’s Heating & Air, our team has learned just how essential our services are over the last year. No matter what we go through as a nation, people will always need reliable heating and air conditioning services, which makes the HVAC industry just about one of the most stable industries out there.

The Industry Is Constantly Growing

The HVAC industry is constantly evolving, so there is always room for those who want to join. At Mr. Holland’s Heating & Air, our team is growing faster than ever. Back in June, we were able to bring on 20 more employees to our team and, in July, we acquired another company. We are still growing and plan to continue adding members to our team, which is all possible because the HVAC industry is so stable.

In addition to stability, a career in the HVAC industry can provide:

  • Fantastic benefits
  • Countless opportunities for growth
  • A perfect fit for everyone (marketing, customer service, accounting, dispatch, graphic design, human resources, and more positions)
  • Hands-on, active work that keeps you busy and helps you improve your problem-solving skills
  • Independence and the ability to control when you go from one job to the next
  • A variety of projects to sharpen your skillset
  • A competitive salary with room for salary increases
  • Plenty of opportunities to expand your training and experience

Corporate 9-5 office jobs aren’t for everyone! If you are someone who loves to work with your hands, provide excellent customer service, and work on different projects each day, the HVAC industry is right for you.

“Do your research. The trades industry is the way to go!”

                                     -A word from our very own Kayla Holland

To learn more about starting a career in the HVAC industry, reach out to our team online or by calling (262) 563-2636.